30 Oct 111/365

Do you hear that sound? That whoosh rushing past your ears?
Slow down a minute.

Let it move through you, through the very core of you.
You’ll notice things.
A button dangling by a thread from your pants
You fiddle with it, willing it to hang on just a little longer.

There’s joy and there’s pain and they’re on a parallel course. 
Can you see them? Neck and neck.

Keep me company a while.
I’ll tell you a story.
About anticipation. And fear. And hope. And joy and pain. 
And love.
They’re all friends, you know. 
They eat dinner at the same table. 

My heart repeats to my head: opportunity awaits. 
Great things will unfold. 
You just don’t know about them yet. 
It’s a secret. 
But secrets are bad, so let’s call it a surprise.


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