365 Project

06 Jan 365 Project

I’ve been catching up on my photo uploading/editing and wanted to post a few favorites….It’s been much harder than I thought to keep up with shooting a meaningful photo every day!

This was a little family hike we took the day after Christmas. It was about 70 degrees out and gorgeous and the kids really enjoyed picking up sticks, rocks and pine cones. I loved the looks of concentration on their faces.

The birthday cake that B and Kris made for me. It was a total surprise to come home to this, and it was SO yummy. And SO pink! Kris also took photos of B mixing the cake so I would have that memory too. Love that man.

Kris also cleaned out our fireplace and made sure it was safe and operational before the cold snap hit New Year’s Eve. That evening, as the temperature dipped below freezing and we snuggled up by the fire, I felt more at home in our house than I have in 6 months of living here. What is it about fire that is so soothing?

I just discovered Kris has an old swivel flash, which lets you bounce light off the ceiling or at different angles rather than directly at your subject (flashing directly at the subject is usually too harsh and makes them look flat). I’m enjoying playing with that and will have some more photos to post soon…Stay tuned.

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