14 Jul 4/365

Just a quick note about our eldest child. He spends about 99 percent of his time as you see here. Chillin’. In repose. Not bothering a soul. The kids can snuggle up to him, pull his tail, eat his dog food, and he reacts with nothing but peace and tender affection.

The other 1 percent of his time is spent driving me absolutely insane.

For instance, today, when I miraculously got both children to nap at the exact same time and decided I would take the opportunity to rest myself? Nope. Ollie sees a hummingbird out the back door window and barks with such ferocity and volume, you’d think there was an a whole gang of armed intruders busting in.

Of course both kids woke up and couldn’t be soothed back to sleep.

A hummingbird.

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