6 Years

16 Jul 6 Years

Last month, Ollie turned 6. I didn’t want to completely ignore the occasion or overlook Ollie’s significance in our lives. I’m not sure a day has passed since we adopted Ollie that we haven’t smiled. Dogs have a way of putting your problems into perspective. You can have an absolutely shitty day, and you still smile when you see your dog.

Of course, I’m not sure Ollie has smiled as often since we had Bronwynn. It’s true what they say about your dog taking a backseat once you have a baby. But I think he’s coping alright. He knows to hang out under her highchair at meal times and gets his fair share of toddler hugs and kisses. He knows that when she’s outside, she loves to throw the ball for him, and lately, he ESPECIALLY loves that she knows where his dog food is and enjoys filling up his bowl several times a day. She fills his bowl, then commands: “Ollie, eat!”

He happily complies.

To mark his 6th, Bronwynn and I went to the doggie bakery and picked out this carrot cupcake for him. It smelled so good, I should have gotten a couple more for the humans, too.

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