a few things that make me happy

28 Sep a few things that make me happy

Miles dancing. His own style, own moves, and his own taste in music….which includes Pet Shop Boys (circa 1987), the soundtrack to “Grease,” and Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.” On vinyl, no less.

Side note: One day last week, while B was at school, I took Miles with me to run errands. I don’t often do this, but I bought him a small stuffed animal from the clearance bin at Target…just a little treat because he’s really into playing with pretend pets lately. He calls them his children.

Later, when B got home from kindergarten, she saw Miles’ new toy and started to cry, saying it wasn’t fair that Miles got extra time with me and he got a toy. I reminded her of several times she’s gotten a special treat apart from Miles. I gave specific examples. But she was exhausted and didn’t see the parallel.

I was about to launch into my usual speech about how I have enough love for both kids and there will be times when one of you gets a treat and the other doesn’t, and it’s okay to feel disappointed, but you still need to be kind and gracious, yada yada yada…

But just then, Miles came over and handed B his new toy and said, “it’s ok, B. I love you and you can have my new kitten.”

My darling boy. I tried to stop him, saying he shouldn’t give B his toy just because she’s crying. I told him it was okay if he wanted to keep it for himself. But he insisted, saying, “But, I love B. I LOVE her.”

Is it possible they will always love each other this much? I hope so. It’s truly one of the biggest sources of joy in my life, watching my kids’ sibling relationship deepen.

Another thing that makes me happy? This:

My girl might be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle with ease, but riding a bicycle has been a struggle. She’s watched her Colorado friends pedaling two wheelers for years. But we just don’t have a lot of forgiving surfaces to practice on. Our driveway is lined with boulders, gravel, and cacti. We don’t have a single blade of grass in our yard. Then there’s the heat and lack of shade. It’s perilous.

This week the temps finally fell back into double digits. (90s never felt so good!) So, we’ve been practicing on a field at a nearby middle school. She’s starting to get the hang of it!

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