a fish tale

08 Jul a fish tale

Kris took Miles fly fishing for the first time last summer. He was just 21 months old, but managed to hold the rod, which was about three times as tall as he was.

Here’s a little flashback:

This year, Miles started to learn how to cast and watch the fly…

He’s also learning the art of a fish tale:

Kris: “Miles, how many trout did we catch today?”
Miles: “One, two!”
Kris: “No, buddy, we caught five!”
Miles: “Yeah, five!”
Kris: “Were they big trout or little trout?”
Miles: “They was little.”
Kris: “No no no, they were BIG!”
Miles: “Yeah, they big BIG fish!”

Bronwynn said she wants to learn how to fish so she can take all the fish home and make a “salty fish pie.”

Anyone have a recipe to share?

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