a little scouting mission

06 Oct a little scouting mission

This past weekend we visited the state fairgrounds. There was a home & garden show going on, which we wanted to check out, but while we were at it, we did a little inspiration scouting for the kids’ upcoming birthday party, which will have a county fair theme.

To me, the appeal of a fair is the vibrant colors and festive atmosphere. It’s just hard not to be happy at the fair.

But to the kids, the real draw is all the different kinds of fun food you can eat on a stick. And french fries drenched in ketchup.

Miles’ cheeks are so very kissable. Kris caught me trying to steal a little smooch.

Kris thinks that no fair is complete without some livestock running around. He’s trying to talk me into renting a pig for the party. “You know, grease it up and let the kids try to catch it,” he says.

Um, no.

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