a summer night’s dream

02 Nov a summer night’s dream

For the past week or so, Kris has been shouting “SUMMER IS HERE! SUMMER IS HERE!”

And by that he means, the weather has finally cooled off enough to match summertime in Colorado. Highs in the low 90s and dipping down into the 60s at night. …Actually, that’s still warmer than summer in Colorado. I haven’t had to wear a long-sleeve shirt yet.

BUT, more importantly, that means that we’ve finally emerged from the AC to face the world, and guess what?! Our neighborhood is full of families with young children. And cyclists. Kris needs a secretary to schedule all the group rides he’s been invited on. (oh, wait. that’s me…)

Trust me when I tell you this: We have lived here 5 months, and with the exception of one outgoing neighbor and her family (hi, Lisa!) we had NO IDEA that there were other toddlers within 100 yards of our house. We could start a preschool.

Last night, our street was crawling with trick-or-treaters. It was practically a mob scene. And, the cool thing was, you could see everyone’s costumes because they weren’t covered up by down jackets. And. And! Even better? People sit outside on their front porches to hand out candy. It’s really gorgeous and fun.

Side note: I was the crazy lady who handed out playing cards and stickers instead of sugar. The teenagers were not amused. We might just get another rock through our window.

ANYWAY, I wanted to show you this. One family, intent on watching Sunday Night Football, decided to tailgate and hand out candy in their front yard:

I think B wanted to plop herself down on their couch and ask for a beer.

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