a vegetable garden in the desert

21 Sep a vegetable garden in the desert


It’s taken a few years of getting used to the climate, but we’re finally feeling brave enough to try growing our own veggies. While many parts of the country are winding down their gardening season, ours is ramping up. High temps are dipping below 100 with lows in the upper 70s. Time to plant, we’re told.

The kids had some practice at school. Each classroom includes outdoor space, and many classes tend their own garden. Last year, B’s class grew enough veggies to make a salad at lunchtime.


We built two raised beds off the patio in our backyard. As the weather slowly cools down, we’re hopeful for a nice crop of carrots, kale, mint, broccoli, onions, beets, basil, and more.


B found a variety of mint called “chocolate mint,” which smells and tastes divine. Miles chose heirloom carrot seeds which yield purple, yellow, and orange carrots.


There’s something magical about walking into your backyard and selecting fresh veggies. Let’s hope we can keep them growing!
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