a well executed plan

24 Jun a well executed plan

Today, we refused to let the heat get the best of us.

Our plan: Get out of the house. We keep the air conditioning set at 85, which is barely comfortable when it’s over 100 outside. Last summer we learned the hard way: Don’t crank the AC below 80. We did, and our electric bill was $585. 

I’m solo parenting this week, and swimming in our backyard pool with two toddlers is challenging. B swims like a fish, but she still enjoys being attached to me. Miles thinks he knows how to swim, but he doesn’t. And so I stand with him squirming in one arm while B scales my other arm or my back or yanks my bikini bottoms down. It’s super fun.

That’s why after breakfast we headed to the gym, where the pool has one of those zero-depth beach entries. Basically, it’s a huge kid area where the depth is 0-2 feet, so Miles could stand on his own, and B was able to roam, and I was unencumbered. We had the entire pool to ourselves, which felt weird. I hadn’t realized it could be too hot outside to go swimming, but I guess it’s possible. The lifeguard followed us around because we were the only people to guard. (Or maybe he thought I looked sexy in my high-waisted swim suit from Land’s End. It screamed “mom suit.”)

Side note: Land’s End bathing suits are not nearly as dorky as I remembered them to be growing up. I’d even say they are flattering if, like me, you still have a little belly pooch from two pregnancies.

So, anyway. My goal was to thoroughly WEAR THE KIDS OUT.

I succeeded. Miles fell asleep sitting up.

Here’s something interesting about the desert: When you’re swimming and you step out of the pool, the air is so incredibly parched and hot that the water evaporates off your body instantly, leaving you with this cool rush that’s not unlike being doused with ice water. On a day like today, it felt amazing. Win one for “dry heat.”

After nap, we cashed in a two-for-one coupon at the new self-serve yogurt shop down the street. B ordered “pink and yellow with sparkles on top” and requested two spoons to share with Miles.

Oh how my heart swells when they are best buddies, smiling and giggling at their own private jokes and sharing like they never knew how not to share.

It’s days like today that fuel me on the hardest days. When the kids are screaming and not sleeping and whining and making colossal messes and I’m so completely spent, I can dip into the well and find leftover joy from days like this.
PS. Miles’ hair is always crazy like that. I’ve given up trying to tame it. And, do I even need to tell you B dressed herself today? Pink cowboy boots, red dress, green headband and sparkly pink banana clip. She thrilled at the realization you could wear headbands and hair clips simultaneously. Oh, the possibilities.
  • Sarah Buttenwieser
    Posted at 10:31h, 24 June Reply

    I love your day. The wading-level pool, brilliant. You strike me as someone who could not be dorkily dressed even if you tried. B’s outfit–well clearly she & Saskia are aligned fashionwise.

  • Katherine
    Posted at 12:05h, 24 June Reply

    i just got my first lands’ end suit and it felt like a true graduation into motherhood. lands end canvas is also a great option- a bit cheaper and “younger”.
    congrats on surviving the heat. that is no small feat!

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