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09 Sep About The Daily B

In October 2007, our daughter B was born. Soon after, we tossed out the parenting books and decided to wing it. Things went so well that in October 2009, we welcomed a baby boy, and realized we had already forgotten everything we learned the first time around.

The Daily B chronicles the snapshots, (mis)adventures, and truths of new parenthood. We believe wholeheartedly in parenting by instinct, trusting your intuition and having as much fun as possible. We also like to keep things green and simple around our house, so you’ll see many fun DIY, budget home design, and upcycling projects on the blog too. 

The mom behind The Daily B is Gina DeMillo Wagner, an award-winning magazine writer, storyteller and photographer. She adores mournful folk songs, the smell of a freshly burned match, mountain breezes, and buttercream. Her dream job would be penning the next hit HBO drama with Alan Ball (creator of “Six Feet Under”). But in the meantime, she’s pursuing her goal of taking a photo every day and finding a home for her parenting memoir, HIDING PLACES, currently represented by the Claire Gerus Literary Agency.

Check Gina’s her other site and get in touch if you have a project you’d like her to consider. Looking for a lifestyle photographer in the Phoenix, AZ or Boulder, CO areas? Click here.

Or, if you have a question or comment regarding The Daily B, email us: DailyB.blog [at] gmail.com

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