Airing the Dirty Laundry

05 May Airing the Dirty Laundry

Actually, this is a photo of CLEAN laundry. A whole first trimester’s worth of laundry for three people, to be exact. If you’ve been to visit us recently, you have not been invited upstairs, and this is why.

This is what happens when Mama is nauseous and exhausted for 3 months. I felt like I should tell you, because there seems to be a myth circulating that women can work, raise children, grow new babies in their wombs, and still manage to cook and keep clean houses. It’s just NOT TRUE (I know you probably know a woman who you *think* can do this, but she’s probably taking her kid’s Ritalin).

When I was feeling sick, I was barely able to take care of myself and Bronwynn, let alone any household chores. Kris, who really is a superhero, picked up the slack almost everywhere…except laundry. He doesn’t do laundry. (It was in our marriage vows.) So as I’ve been feeling better, I’ve been washing as many loads as possible every day, assembly-line style, and piling the clean stuff in our loft/library.

I learned this technique from my friend Elizabeth, who has successfully raised 4 teenagers. Although, I’m fairly sure that Elizabeth managed to get it all folded and put away within the first 24 hours or so. My mountain has been growing for well over a week.

The sad part is that I have another 3 loads to go…

  • e t
    Posted at 01:58h, 05 May

    Elizabeth here — yes, these so-called successful teenagers now put up their laundry, but NOT within 24 hours — i think it is 48- 72 or whenever i tell them no food until they do. The process looks like this — they come to my study where it is now folded, find their clothes and place it in a basket, and return it to their room, where the basket sits on the floor and they withdraw clothing as needed. Oh, did i mention they leave any clothes they don’t care to pick up in my study? (But i always let it slide because they’re really good kids who do their homework and practice volleyball and are contributing citizens — there are things WAY more important than laundry, and Gina knows that too!:)

  • Rachel
    Posted at 22:36h, 05 May

    WOW! I also hate doing laundry, but Jeff refuses to budge and so we each do our own laundry. Not sure how that will change if we have a kid! Thanks for sharing…I think anything you can do to break down the myth of Wonder Woman is good. But why didn’t you just pay the laundromat to do it (dry cleaner?) for a couple months?