another little makeover project…

23 Sep another little makeover project…

I’m in LOVE with B’s hair. She was born with these thick, fabulous curls, so irresistible that strangers would stop me in the supermarket and ask to run their fingers through them. I think B learned to crawl just so that she could get away from me, because at least 50 times a day I’d grab her and snuggle her up under my chin so that I could feel those soft curls on my cheek. Her hair never fell out the way some babies’ do, so I’ve just let it do its own thang for the past almost-3 years.

Since we moved to the surface of the sun, however, those long wavy locks have become a burden for her. She’s developed a little heat rash on her neck, and she hates wearing pony tails and all the brushing and tangles and more brushing. So Kris and I have been trying to convince her to let us cut it. Her response is always a dramatic “NO!! NO CUTTING!”

Today, for whatever reason, as I was brushing out her tangles and she was whimpering AGAIN, I reminded her that if she lets mommy cut her hair, she’ll have less tangles. And amazingly, she said “Okay.”

I gave her a lollipop to encourage her to sit still, pulled her hair back into a pony tail and cut.

6 inches, just like that.

I’m no stylist, so I just did my best to even it all out while she squirmed. Thankfully, those waves of hers hide a lot of mistakes. Here’s the new ‘do:

As a reward, she got to pick out a princess tiara at the drugstore.

It’s a little bittersweet for me to hold her first little curls in my hand. But also exciting to see her new, more grown-up look.

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