Author: Gina Wagner

23 Jan night and day

I told myself not to expect a dramatic improvement. I told myself it will probably take a little time for her to adjust, to rediscover her confidence, to fall back in love with school. Be patient, I thought. There may still be tears.I was wrong.She's...

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15 Jan restoring our energy

The kids have been bickering a lot the past few days. They've been moody and defiant, and I've yelled more than I'd like to admit. Yelling tends to make things worse, though. It stresses me out, which stresses them out, and their behavior deteriorates even...

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06 Dec performance art

Take a close look at this photo. Can you guess what's happening here? The other day, B called me into her room. "Look, Mom. It's Thanksgiving dinner, but this time the animals eat the people."Brilliant and disturbing, no?...

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