Author: tbm2421

30 Jul name that tune

We're home now and a bit bleary-eyed and neck deep in a laundry explosion and rediscovering forgotten toys and re-acclimating to godawful heat, and smelling faintly of chlorine from the pool.I'll post more soon, but first a scene from WAY too early this morning that...

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08 Jul a fish tale

Kris took Miles fly fishing for the first time last summer. He was just 21 months old, but managed to hold the rod, which was about three times as tall as he was.Here's a little flashback:This year, Miles started to learn how to cast and...

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02 Jul from here to there

I love traveling with Supergirl.There's something about the cape that gives her confidence to endure 14 hours of driving. She pretends to be shy at rest stops when people point at her cuteness ("I'm not cute! I'm strong! See my muscles? I can fly!") ...

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