Backyard Makeover

15 May Backyard Makeover

Today, a 5-year-long dream of Kris and mine came true. We have a backyard that we L-O-V-E. Now, I know this might sound melodramatic. It’s only a yard, and we’re not the type of people who spend hours grooming our hedges and plucking every dandelion. But, we bought this house largely because of the expansive backyard that backs to a small patch of open space. In a neighborhood full of postage-stamp yards that back up to other postage-stamp yards, our yard is enviable.

What we didn’t know (since it was winter when we bought the house) was that our back yard consisted of weeds and not grass. And not just any old weeds, but GOAT HEADS. For you readers back East, goat heads are the plague. They spread like an alien vine across the ground and spit out the nastiest, sharpest, thumbtack-like seeds that impale your feet, often through the soles of your shoes.

What we also didn’t know when we moved in was that the previous owners kept chickens in the backyard…but that’s another story.

In short: To walk around our yard was to navigate a mine field. Ollie tolerated the pain, but the moment B started toddling around back there, she got thorns in her feet and her hands, and she cried. And she quickly learned to say “owie!” So this week, we finally brought in some professionals to obliterate the whole yard and start over. They tilled and pulled out all the old weeds, laid new topsoil, laid new rock borders, shrunk the lawn space (to conserve water) and laid a blanket of lush, weed-free sod that we can walk barefoot in.

Now would be a good time to insert some before-and-after photos. And I will, but they don’t do the job justice. The first photo Kris took about a year ago. He pulled all the goat heads out of this lone patch of grass so that B could sit comfortably:

And here’s a photo from today (note the lush, weed-free grass). Really, you should just come over and take your shoes off and see for yourself.

  • Jes
    Posted at 14:47h, 15 May Reply

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to take you up on that offer :)I’m so happy for you guys, to get this done in May and have the entire summer to enjoy out there…what a great time!

  • Ronnie
    Posted at 01:30h, 18 May Reply

    Congratulations on the new backyard! I know b and ollie will be very grateful!!!

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