birthday weekend

15 Oct birthday weekend

I love that my kids love joint birthday parties. Their birthdays are 8 days apart (well, 2 years and 8 days). I know someday they’re going to want their own separate celebrations, but for now, they are best buddies and they relish doing everything together.

Last year, we went all out with a county fair party theme. This year, we wanted to scale it down. B and I browsed several blogs and Pinterest for ideas, and she decided she’d love a milk and cookies party. Miles is all about cookies, so it was agreed. A few different kinds of cookies. A few different kinds of milk. A cookie decorating table. Done.

I already had mason jars and lids on hand, so we just drilled holes in the lids to make spill proof cups for the kids. (You can also do this with metal lids.)

 The hubs thought it would be nice to offer the adults some milk stout.
You may remember these little people from a few weeks ago.

This, to me is what it’s all about. The looks on their faces as everyone sang Happy Birthday. So precious.

We did a little mini celebration on Saturday too (B’s actual birthday). My baby is five. FIVE!! She amazes me every day.

 Holding ducklings at a farm this weekend.

Next weekend we’ll do a little mini celebration for Miles turning three…

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