boys and ballet

10 Jun boys and ballet

Yesterday I posted this on The Daily B’s Facebook page:  

Thanks for all the comments and support!

I had forgotten this issue was in the news recently when a J.Crew catalog featured Jenna Lyons painting her son’s nails. There was some interesting (and entertaining in its ignorance) backlash.

To me, this isn’t really about gender at all. It’s about little sibling wanting to do everything like big sibling. Just look at him. He’s infatuated.

He also thinks he belongs in B’s ballet class. He’s been practicing:

My kids, like most kids, are exploring the world, discovering their own unique tastes and developing personalities. Or, maybe I should say they’re honing their personalities, because as moms know, many babies express their disposition immediately from birth. B was social from the get-go. Miles, more introspective. I don’t expect a coat of nailpolish to change who he is.

Incidentally, B told me yesterday that she wants to be Spiderman for Halloween this year. Won’t that be adorable?

Someone, please call the transgender police. 

  • Jes
    Posted at 21:31h, 10 June Reply

    Ha! As I read this Oliver’s toes are bright red and we have no older sister in this house 🙂 Granted, my toes are red too, but he went and found the polish on a completely different day and said “paint my toes mommy”. So? I did 🙂

    I would paint Austin’s too if he wanted it. I explained to him that some people think that only girls paint toes, though I think his toes look nice painted. He chose not to and I was happy that I explained it to him as I know he would be really embarrassed if he was to be made fun of. I think we’ll cross that bridge of doing what you want with all the confidence in the world when this sensitive kid of ours can understand it a bit better.

  • Timmi
    Posted at 21:37h, 10 June Reply

    Just got my coffee cozy and I will celebrate by buying some “fancy” coffee! And I have a boys name and have had to be teased for it so silly, I dressed my youngest in little boy clothes because I think they are cute with her red hair. People need to grow up!

  • Sarah Buttenwieser
    Posted at 02:36h, 11 June Reply

    Paint the boy’s toes & get him a tutu, asap!

    Love this. As you know, we’re quite familiar with boys & ballet around here.

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