29 Apr entomology 101

Apparently, 3 is the age when you become obsessed with caterpillars and the magical transformation they undergo to become butterflies. We talk about this process EVERY DAY. And it just makes me smile that my life includes this kind of conversation...

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21 Apr heart-shaped eggs

. I'm not sure if this is a win or a fail. I was searching for some non-sugary Easter treats to offer my kids, and I ended up on a bento box designer's blog and thought these little heart-shaped eggs were so cute:So I followed...

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07 Apr stroller makeover

. Our little doll stroller has seen better days.It was an impulse buy. $10 at Target last summer. Sometimes I wonder if companies intend for their toys to be disposable?The cloth liner ripped off the first time Miles tried to sit in it. So I...

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