25 Feb wide awake at 3 AM

  Saturday night (or should I say, Sunday morning) at 3:00 AM, Bronwynn woke up and cleaned her room. I heard her down the hall banging around. I figured she'd gotten up to go to the bathroom or have a sip of water. She's five now,...

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06 Nov something is not right

It could be the heat (92F in November) It could be the construction noise in my backyard It could be an overwhelming empathy for Sandy victimsOr sadness for this family Or, the fact that Miles started preschool, and I miss him Or the constant push-pull...

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18 Oct taming the locks

I took Miles in for a "trim," which is, of course, never really just a trim. I don't think the stylist believed me when I told her I liked it wild. Now I wonder if it's a little too tame?But there were lollipops involved, so...

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