17 Jan the haircut

. I didn't mean to leave you hanging.I mentioned on my birthday that I got my hair cut. I was going for something dramatic. The result was actually not so dramatic. I asked for bangs. I haven't had bangs since 6th grade, so I was...

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19 Oct On being gentle

.If you hang out in our house for more than, say, 20 minutes, you’ll hear me say this to Bronwynn:“B, you can choose to be gentle, or you can choose time out.”I say it as she hovers a wooden toy a few inches over Miles’...

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13 Oct 3 years

 When Bronwynn was born—7:50pm on October 13, 2007, ten days past her due date—she didn’t cry. The doctor immediately laid her on my chest--her warm, pink, slippery skin against mine. The nurses reassured me her color was beautiful, she was breathing well, and not to...

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