09 Oct Milestones

Have I ever told you why I hate parenting books? It’s not that I think they’re evil or that no one should read them. In fact, from what I hear, there are dozens of very wise, very useful books out...

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29 Sep 78/365

 Miles is happily occupying that gray space between "baby" and "toddler." Every morning, he looks a little older to me, and it's bittersweet. But every morning, his personality shines a little brighter too, which makes me excited to get to know him more.  ...

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09 Sep Walker

We had quite the eventful holiday weekend around here. A few calls to 911 (more on that soon), a bedroom makeover, and our littlest friend took his first steps. Welcome to the biped world, Miles.Everyone is safe and healthy, and I'm happy to report that...

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