24 Apr overheard

"Miles, you know when you get married, you have to kiss. It's to mix your germs up. Then you're in the same family." -B"Mama, what rhymes with words? Turds?" -Miles"I can't know how to do it. I just did it." -Miles, after successfully riding a...

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16 Nov overheard

 "Your temperature is 24 inches, Miles. That's bad." "Miles, there are lots of doctors because they all have special teeth. Like an eye doctor takes care of your eyes. That's his special-teeth."  "You know, Mom, I think Spiderman is a really good show to watch, because...

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07 Aug overheard

B, running inside from the garage: "MOMMY! COME QUICK! I promise I will NEVER tell Miles to drive your car again." *** B: "Mommy, my tummy hurts because I ate dirt." Why did you eat dirt? "Well, it looked sort of like food, so I tried it." Maybe you shouldn't...

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