16 Nov overheard

 "Your temperature is 24 inches, Miles. That's bad." "Miles, there are lots of doctors because they all have special teeth. Like an eye doctor takes care of your eyes. That's his special-teeth."  "You know, Mom, I think Spiderman is a really good show to watch, because...

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10 Jun boys and ballet

. Yesterday I posted this on The Daily B's Facebook page:  Thanks for all the comments and support! I had forgotten this issue was in the news recently when a J.Crew catalog featured Jenna Lyons painting her son's nails. There was some interesting (and entertaining...

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07 Jun walking the line

Living with two children under four, there's a tension between over-the-moon joyful and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or more accurately: waiting for the next hit, bite, fall, crash, time-out or hurt feeling.For the mama, it's delightful and utterly exhausting. I try to...

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