11 Jul Colorado: a love story

Fifteen years ago, Kris packed his mountain bike in a cardboard box and boarded a Greyhound bus in Appleton, Wisconsin. He rode all the way to Silverthorne, Colorado, 36 hours total. He had a couple hundred bucks to his name and a dream to make...

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07 Jul hiking with kids

One of the first items on our mountain agenda: Take the kids hiking. But of course, not just any hike would do. The ever-adventurous hubs had his sights set on an alpine lake perched at nearly 12,000 feet. Way too steep for the kids to...

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05 Jan Baby’s First Summit

We recently took B for her first winter hiking adventure, up Green Mountain in Boulder (elev. 8144 ft.). Our friend Jeff (B says, "I have more hair than Jeff does!") and his dog Chile joined us. It was an easy 4-mile out-and-back, made only a...

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