click, clack, moo

26 Apr click, clack, moo

Am I the only one who pines for simpler communication tools? Not faster. But less fancy. Typewriters. Rotary-dial telephones. A handwritten letter.

B knows her way around an iPhone better than I do, and when we call a loved one, she expects to be able to SEE them (ala Skype). If she can’t see who she’s speaking with, she gets bored and walks away.

Recently I scored this fully functional 1960s Royal manual typewriter. I had been drooling over vintage typewriters on Etsy and other sites that restore them, but couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on one. But $40 for this powder blue beauty? I could do that.

Kris didn’t quite get it. “What will you DO with it?” he asked. “It’s just going to collect dust.” He didn’t think I would actually use it, and he didn’t appreciate the significance of a writer having such a beautiful, historical instrument of her trade on display.

I assured him it would get some attention, and before I even finished that thought, B ran up excitedly saying “Mommy, you got a typewriter!!”

“You know what this is?” I asked, a burst of hope swelling in my chest. Maybe, in fact, my children would grow up to appreciate the stepping stones to modern communication.

“Yeah, like the cows have.” she replied.

And it dawned on me. Her favorite book right now is Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin. (If you aren’t familiar, go out and buy/borrow it. Trust me.)

In my quest for a little nostalgia, I inadvertently bought her a toy.

So, I’ve been teaching her how to use it. She found the “B” key right away.

  • Sarah Buttenwieser
    Posted at 23:43h, 27 April

    How I love this. One of our favorite books.