29 Dec convalescence

Our little Bub has been fighting a virus the past couple of days. He’s had a fever of 102 and generally feels like crap and wants to be held all the time. Which, actually, is fine by me. I hate when my kids are suffering, but I do enjoy the extra snuggles. Also, this is the first time in weeks I haven’t spent all day rescuing our little mountaineer from tabletops, chairs, or the chandelier.

Since Kris is off work this week, Miles has someone on call to hold him whenever he wants, for as long as he wants.

We’re trading off snuggle-duty and toddler-duty (aka “Plan B”). Yesterday, Kris took her to see the movie Tangled, which she of course loved (a princess! long hair! magic spells! happily ever after!). And today she and I went out to lunch and did a little window shopping. There was ice cream and french fries involved. B was like, “umm….can Miles get sick more often, please?”

Tomorrow, Kris is on double duty all day. I’m getting my hair cut (finally!) and working and generally relaxing, as it just happens to be my birthday, and Kris understands how much of a gift it is to take a day off when you’re a mom.

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