08 Apr cousins

The kids are so in love.

My brother and sister-in-law had a baby boy, Simon, in November and we had the opportunity to travel to Little Rock and meet him for the first time over spring break. Simon made my kids cousins for the first time, and Kris and I are uncle and aunt.

I knew B and Miles would love being around a cute baby, but I underestimated their ability to grasp how special having a cousin is. They got it. Completely. Well…not completely. B said she wanted to marry Simon, so we had to explain the cousin role a bit more clearly!

He’s your friend for life. He’s part of your family. He’s one of you…the little people, the next generation finding your way in the world.

And he’s really adorable.

While we were there, we explored the city and decided that Little Rock has some of the best playgrounds in the U.S.

Secret tunnels.
Boulders to climb.
Tall slides. 
Log stairs.
Rock walls.
Climbing nets.

Many challenging features that make parents nervous. I’ll admit I was. But then I watched my kids conquer them. I heard Miles say, “B, you think I can climb that?” And she encouraged him. And he climbed it. 
The look of pride and accomplishment on his face?
Worth a little sweat from me.
Simon, you have a lot to look forward to! 
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