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April 28, 2017

SoCal escape

A few weeks ago we surprised the kids with an adventure. That morning, we told them they would not be going to school. Instead, we said, we'd be getting in the car and going somewhere exciting. We didn't say where or who we would see....

April 28, 2017

Halloween 2014

As usual, one kid changed costumes mere seconds before we set out to trick or treat....

April 28, 2017


To celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, Kris and I traveled to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada -- a destination that's long been on our bucket list for its sheer beauty and mountain culture. It's the first time we've traveled together without the kids. No alarm...

April 28, 2017


"Mama, you're beautiful. And Daddy is a little bit awesome." He ran to the mirror this morning to see if he looked different. Taller maybe? Or more grown up? "I feel braver," he said.  ...

April 28, 2017

open wide!

Miles refused to eat his soup last night. Said he hated it...

April 28, 2017


She's suddenly doing seven-year-old things. Dancing to popular music. Rolling her eyes. Saying things that stop me in my tracks for their depth and insight. We're reading chapter books as quickly as we can get our hands on them and enjoying the stories together. Little...