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Storytelling and Misadventures

February 20, 2019


Miles, your personality matches your hair: wild, bold, unpredictable, unique, luminous. You are someone who at once loves order and chaos. You make the biggest messes and enjoy tidying them up. You crave freedom and boundaries. You are snuggly and fierce. When you were a baby,...

February 20, 2019


Sometimes when I look at just her eyes or the cute upturn of her nose, or when I focus on her pink bowtie lips, I am transported back. I see her infant face gazing back at me, the same one that I cradled and nursed...

February 20, 2019

a vintage iron bed DIY

Last June, when we were driving home from Mexico, I looked out the window and saw something truly special. You'd think I was a kid passing by an amusement park the way I yelled and begged Kris to stop the car. He stopped...

February 20, 2019

first swim meet

How I pictured B's first swim meet: She's the youngest, so I assumed she'd probably finish last in each race, but I hoped there wouldn't be a huge gap between her and the other finishers. I wanted her to feel like she belonged on the...

February 20, 2019

last week

In iPhone photos:I started the week in Winthrop, WA and ended back home, longing for fall weather, enjoying the kids' antics, aching for loved ones in Colorado who are flooded out of their homes, and just marveling at the extremes of climate and landscape in...