debut performance

13 Dec debut performance

I am NOT cut out to be a stage mom. In fact, I went into this whole recital thing dragging my heels. Dress rehearsals?! New shoes?! Costumes??! I have to curl her hair?! Bah! We don’t even own hairspray! Humbug!  

That is, until I saw THIS, and my heart melted:

I saw how much B relished the experience. My child who is usually unfocused, easily distracted, lost in her own imagination, was completely rapt for the entire show. She focused completely on what her teacher told her to do. Her class danced to White Christmas. Arabesque. Plie. Chasse. The singing and waving was a little extra touch B threw in.

And the show didn’t end when we left the theater. She danced her way to the car. She danced throughout the house. She asked if she could wear her costume to bed.

“Can we curl my hair every day, Mommy?”

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