entomology 101

29 Apr entomology 101

Apparently, 3 is the age when you become obsessed with caterpillars and the magical transformation they undergo to become butterflies. We talk about this process EVERY DAY. And it just makes me smile that my life includes this kind of conversation…sandwiched between discussions about poop and Spider Man and traffic lights and coyotes and princesses and who has babies in their bellies and who doesn’t (I don’t).

We did our own little home study. We mail-ordered 5 caterpillars (yes, you can have caterpillars sent to your mailbox) and nurtured them and observed them for a couple weeks while they went into chrysalises and emerged as butterflies. And, I have to admit, I was as awestruck as B was watching the whole process.

Then, to cap off the experience, we took a little field trip to the butterfly exhibit at the local botanical garden. It was a big hit with B….not so much with Miles. But then, he’s not yet 3.

  • Lisa
    Posted at 13:42h, 07 May Reply

    Great pictures! I love watching the caterpillar-butterfly transformation (and I love that it is easy!). What a great idea to cap it off with a trip to DGB Butterfly Exhibit!

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