family room before & after

25 Sep family room before & after

Another business trip for Kris. Another mini makeover for the house. You’d think I’d take it easy while he’s gone…solo parenting is challenge enough! But instead, when the hubs is away I keep myself as busy as possible. I think I miss him less that way? Time flies when you’re over-scheduled? Or, he can’t object to my paint color choices when he’s out of town. 😉

We’ve lived with this purple accent wall behind our fireplace since we moved in. I love eggplant. Just not on my wall. It looks black at times and gives our downstairs space a cavernous feel. The wall is the focal point of the room and it’s opposite the kids’ play area, which is so much more cheerful. Eggplant just doesn’t fit.

I put off painting over it because I couldn’t decide what color I wanted. Ideally, I’d like to get rid of the accent wall and paint the whole downstairs one color. I’d also like to change the fireplace facade. But that’s not in our budget right now (we want to hire professionals due to the sloped/vaulted ceilings and drywall).

Also, that couch on the left is in sad, sad shape. The quilt is hiding years of wear, dirt, and liquid stains from the kids’ leaky sippy cups. I recently had the couch steam cleaned, and the cleaners shook their heads in defeat. The upholstery can’t be rescued. 

But hope is not lost. Here is what I was able to accomplish on a tight budget:
(click “read more” to see the After photos)

The paint color is “golden harvest” by Benjamin Moore. (The top photo was taken in late afternoon. The bottom photo is morning.)  I wanted something warm and cheerful and knew I could go bold since it’s just an accent wall. Even with a primer, it took several coats to cover that dark purple!

For the couch we tried a Sure Fit slipcover (disclosure: Sure Fit provided the cover for me to review). I’ve purchased Sure Fit chair covers in the past, and I like how snug they are. This sofa cover comes in two pieces: One for the seat and the other for the body of the sofa. It looks less like a slipcover and more like upholstery. Best of all, it’s much, much cheaper than reupholstering or buying a new couch, and you can easily remove it and toss it in the washing machine…essential when you have toddlers.

Lastly, I removed one of the end tables next to the leather love seat. It opened the space a little more.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. Again, with toddlers we don’t have artful displays of stacked books or collectibles. We keep things simple. But the room is so much more inviting now. I find myself sitting on the couch with the kids more often, reading books or watching movies.

All in all (if you count the value of the slipcover) this makeover cost just $175. It took 2 days to complete.

What do you think?

  • Sarah Buttenwieser
    Posted at 22:47h, 26 September Reply

    i am beyond impressed! i love the color of the wall.

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 22:30h, 28 September Reply

    Love the new color! You are making me want to change our dark espresso color on our bedroom accent wall.

  • Sarah J
    Posted at 06:07h, 30 September Reply

    really like that color!

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