Field Trip

04 May Field Trip

Bronwynn has been showing an interest in bugs lately, so this weekend we took a little field trip to the butterfly pavilion. She fell in love with the tarantulas, and it took everything in me not to cry “eeeewwww” and steer her away.

Once we got into the butterfly exhibit, she trembled with delight. I had been telling her the entire 25-minute car ride that we were going to see butterflies. But clearly, she had no way to imagine just HOW MANY butterflies we were talking about. And they were REAL. Most of the time, she just stared in awe, like this:

When she held out her hand, a pretty blue one landed on her:

Then, they released new butterflies into the room, and dozens were floating and flapping all around us, which scared her a little…she clung to my leg:

…but as the new butterflies dispersed, she ran off chasing them, pointing, and yelling “fly! fly!”:

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