fixing the clutter corner

23 Feb fixing the clutter corner

In our old house, we had a junk drawer. That place you stash ballpoint pens and extra batteries and band-aids and spare keys and coupons and loose change and birthday candles….and….and….

Our new house doesn’t have a junk drawer. The kitchen is larger. There are more cabinets. But there’s no logical drawer to designate for miscellaneous “stuff.” No one spot that makes sense. So, when we were unpacking from the move and got to the box marked “junk drawer,” I tossed its contents into a basket and stashed it in a corner on the counter.

That was 8 months ago, and it’s been bothering me ever since. The basket is too deep and it collects stuff too easily. I’m tired of Kris or B saying “where is my….?” and having to reply “it’s probably in the basket.”

In reality, we don’t use most of the stuff in that basket because we don’t know it’s there. So, I decided to dump it all out and keep only the things we really, really use: scissors, tape, pens, cell phone chargers, etc.

The rest got trashed, donated or put in other parts of the house where they belong. I found toothbrushes, bike tire irons, a tent repair kit, Halloween cupcake decorations, old business cards, magnets, granola bars, and a duck call (you know, like, for hunting?? which neither of us do).

After paring down, here’s the result:

Now we can see what we have and use it.

By the way, see that mint green color on the wall? That’s next on my to-do list for the house…’s going bye-bye.

  • Fancy Pancakes
    Posted at 22:17h, 23 February Reply

    Where did you get the great basket?

    I have the SAME problem in my tiny kitchen, but are wasting valuable shelf space with a mix of my husband’s antacids, batteries, spare keys, tape, and other necessary things that need to be stored better!

  • Gina
    Posted at 02:19h, 24 February Reply

    The wire basket I found at OfficeMax in their “desktop organization” section. The clutter-filled basket, I have no idea….I think it came as a gift basket with fruit once upon a time!

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