Frequently Asked Questions

20 Apr Frequently Asked Questions

Kris and I have noticed that the same questions tend to come up in conversation, so we thought we’d provide this handy FAQ guide. Feel free to submit additional questions and we’ll be happy to answer them here!

Q: Have you thought about names?
A: Definitely. Our front runner is Boolah Tijuana Wagner. We love it, because it works well for a girl or boy! Kris also likes Mojito Tijuana Wagner, but I’m not so sure….it’s a little too strange for me. What do you think??

Q: Any big travel plans before the baby arrives?
A: We have a few small trips planned. We’ll probably visit family and friends in GA, and we’re planning some camping trips with friends out West. Kris will be hiking/mapping a section of the Continental Divide Trail for work this July. Next summer we plan to go to Alaska with Kris’ parents and do some kayaking, fishing, and all-around exploring with Junior.

Q: You crunchy, hippie kids…I bet you’re planning to use cloth diapers, aren’t you?
A: Actually, we found something better. Our friends Jennifer and Jonathan turned us on to G Diapers ( ). They’re more environmentally friendly than disposable, yet more convenient than cloth. And cute, too!

Q: How do you think Ollie will respond to a baby in the house?
A: We think he’ll do well. Ollie has been around babies since he was a little puppy. He’s been known to lick babies’ cheeks and curl up next to them to sleep. We imagine Ollie will still have to adjust. He won’t be top dog anymore. But before long he’ll learn that kids have their own advantages. Namely, they often drop food on the floor :)

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