friday photos

21 Sep friday photos

Daytime highs are still over 100 degrees, but we’ve reached that sweet spot where the lows are dipping into the 70s (might not sound significant, but it is such a relief). Best of all, that means we’re playing outside at sunset. Outdoor time makes these kids (and this mama) very, very happy.

The kids have found a lot of common ground in their imaginative play. They both love superheroes and dinosaurs. They love playing “mama and baby.” Sometimes B is the mama. Sometimes Miles is. Where they diverge is mermaids and cars…unless the mermaids are racing cars or the cars are transporting injured mermaids to the hospital. Then it’s all good.

Remember how we struggled a bit with B’s left-handedness? It’s been amazing to watch her grow more comfortable with her art and writing. Something really seemed to click these past couple weeks and she is writing/tracing up a storm.

I’m literally jumping up and down every time she writes a new letter. She’s like, “take it easy, Mom.”

Finally, just a snapshot of this morning. B insisted the whole family walk her to school today. It’s rare we all slow down enough to do stuff like this, but oh so sweet…

Miles is preparing to jump over that pothole.

Have a great weekend!

  • pants32
    Posted at 20:14h, 28 September Reply

    Oh my goodness! Look how big and beautiful your kids are!

    I came across your blog by accident today while browsing through super-old wall posts on my FB timeline. It’s so good to “see” you again!

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