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02 Jul from here to there

I love traveling with Supergirl.

There’s something about the cape that gives her confidence to endure 14 hours of driving. She pretends to be shy at rest stops when people point at her cuteness (“I’m not cute! I’m strong! See my muscles? I can fly!”) …but she suppresses a smile. She wants to be noticed. (Don’t we all?)

Hopefully no one notices she’s been wearing the same shirt and cape for three days straight.

Smoke from all the Colorado wildfires gave the mountain ridges an eerie, foggy look. It was beautiful, yet sad to think what’s on the other end of that blanket of smoke — the ashy remains of hundreds of homes, displaced wildlife, charred wilderness.

We passed really close to a smaller wildfire. We could see the flames, and even with the windows rolled up, the smoke was strong enough to burn our nostrils. As we crested the next ridge, we watched the fire disappear in our rear view mirror and said a little prayer for rain.

There’s nothing more satisfying than telling your kids “we’re here!” First item on the agenda: We stopped for crepes with Nutella (a Breckenridge favorite, sold out the window of an old wooden cart in the center of town).

We’ve arrived. The mountains are ours for exploring the next couple weeks, and we really couldn’t be any happier. Warm-but-not-hot summer days coupled with chilly-enough-for-a-sweatshirt evenings.

What’s your summer wish?
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