Halloween and the toddler death trap

30 Oct Halloween and the toddler death trap

Things have been a little chaotic over here, what with birthdays, Miles starting preschool, and Halloween approaching. We’re also tackling some long overdue home maintenance/updates. (Don’t worry…I’ve been watching episodes of Flipping Out and taking notes.)

You see, our house has a pool (yay!) and a really unusual feature next to this pool:

We think it was supposed to be a swim-up bar (there are seats on the other side in the pool), but really, it’s just a giant five-feet-deep pit that collects dirt, rainwater and small children. 
Obvious safety issue, no? Thankfully, it’s being corrected as I write. We’re filling it in and building a patio. Here’s how it looks now, in progress. Eventually, this will be covered with stone tiles.
For those who might wonder: We usually have a safety net on our pool. 🙂
So that’s going on, and we’re also prepping for Halloween. B has decided she wants to be the Lorax, and I’m attempting to sew her costume. Here’s what I have… an orange fleece bubble dress.
I need to figure out what to do for the mustache and eyes. Any ideas? 
…We also carved pumpkins:
 B took this photo with my iPhone. I’m proud of her composition. 

 This one, we did not carve. It was on display at the kids’ school. Look closely. See what they used to decorate it?

And these are our pumpkins all lit up.
Happy Halloween!!
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