Happy Hour

09 May Happy Hour

When you have kids, you expect to develop some family traditions: How and where to spend holidays. Birthday rituals. Books and songs at bedtime. Pancakes on Sunday morning… You choose those rituals. You shape and mold them into bite-size memories for your kids to hold onto through the years.

But then, there are some family traditions that are more spontaneous. There are some that choose you.

For us, that unexpected tradition is Happy Hour. It started when B was a newborn and would fuss uncontrollably in the early evenings. Kris found that playing music–not kiddie music, but HIS music–loudly and dancing calmed her down. Once B could walk and dance, she carried on the ritual, pointing to the stereo and saying “Dance! Dance!” So now, when anyone in the house is melting down, at any time of day, Kris whips out his CD collection, and Happy Hour commences.

Miles is still getting the hang of it. It takes a couple minutes before he finds his groove. Wait for it.

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