HopeWalk 2011

02 Nov HopeWalk 2011

In the midst of parenting, writing, blogging, and generally being extremely busy this past month, I was asked to photograph the HopeKids annual charity walk. HopeKids is a support community for families who have a child with cancer or some other life-threatening medical condition. It gives them outings and events to look forward to throughout the year.

Spending a few hours with them on a Sunday morning was like opening a window and letting a cool, fresh breeze pour over me. My cheeks were sore from smiling so much.

The walk was 3 miles long and many of the kids completed it with their families and friends. At the end, they all received medals (medals were donated from other running events, so the kids could pick whether they wanted a “marathon finisher” medal or even some first, second, and third place medals from triathlons. It was cute.)

I wanted to share a few photos with you so maybe you can smile too and be reminded, as I was, of the infinite blessings in our lives. Even when faced with unimaginable hardship, there are so many reasons to hope.

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