how can something so small eat so much?

07 Apr how can something so small eat so much?

Miles is going through what I can only guess is a growth spurt.

He’s hungry all day long, and he never knows exactly what he wants to eat. He’s like a teenager, standing absentmindedly in front of the open refrigerator and wandering in circles around the pantry.

I want….ummmmm
I want…..ummmmm
What do you want for snack, Miles? Want me to make you some popcorn?
No. No ot-corn.
I want….ummmmm
I want…..ummmm.
I want….
Would you like a carrot? Apple slices? Banana? Crackers? Almonds? Raisins?
No, buddy, you can’t have sprinkles for a snack. How about some popcorn?
I want….ummmm
I want….ummmm
Miles, I’m not going to stand here in the pantry with you all day. You decide what you want and let me know.
I want….ummm
Sorry, bub, candy is not a snack. You can have apples, a carrot, banana, yogurt, raisins, popcorn….
I want….ummmm
I want…..ummmmm
I want…..I don’t want ot-corn….ummmm
I want…..ummmm
I want OT-CORN!
You want popcorn?
So I make popcorn and the cycle begins all over again. 
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