how to talk to little girls

01 Aug how to talk to little girls

I’ve been meaning to post about this topic (and the article by Lisa Bloom), but then today I read Joanna Goddard’s post, which is just lovely. So I’ll link to her instead. 

It’s worth a read if you have a moment.

And I’ll just add that having a little boy and a little girl, I notice this is so true, that strangers compliment B on her looks and what she’s wearing and Miles is complimented for being “strong,” or “active” or “adventurous.” People comment on Miles’ platinum hair and blue-saucer eyes too, so it’s not a clear-cut gender difference. But I would absolutely love it if a stranger asked B about her favorite books sometime and noticed that she too is adventurous! What would happen if we communicated this message to little girls: that we notice their intellect, their gifts and passions above their appearance??

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