In search of fall

01 Oct In search of fall

It’s October. October is my favorite month because I have a crazy love affair with fall. I love fall for all the clichéd reasons one loves fall: perfect temperatures (crisp, yet plenty of sunshine), cozy sweaters, apple cider, pumpkin patches, soup for dinner, the crunch of leaves beneath my feet.

My babies were also born in October….something we did not plan, yet is perfectly serendipitous, because what better time of year to wrap a warm newborn in a sling close to your chest and take long walks and breathe fresh air and sip warm lattes and just enjoy the tender glow of new life?

It’s October. I looked at and saw that the projected high today is 105.


That would have made me weep, except I already have an escape route. I’m holding in my hand first-class plane tickets to North Carolina. My lovely, thoughtful, gracious aunt knew I would need this, and so she invited us to get out of town for a few days. The projected high where we’re going: 74.

I packed jeans. JEANS! You have NO idea.
(And in case there are any creeps out there thinking this is a great opportunity to figure out where I live, come to my house and throw another rock at my window, you should know that Kris and Ollie are staying home and using this time to install our new home security system. 🙂

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