just another ordinary day

17 Feb just another ordinary day

I know a lot of people hate the “Enjoy it! It goes so fast!” sentiment that is just too sticky sweet and judgmental and seemingly ignores the enormous energy-drain that is parenthood. I’ve even written about that here.

But I wonder if the message is a little misunderstood. Those older women (and men) who stop you in the grocery store or at church or the park and beg you to savor every moment. I don’t think they mean you should be brimming with happiness at all times. I don’t think they have necessarily forgotten how utterly exhausting and messy and emotionally draining parenting can be.

I think, perhaps, they’re just saying, “Notice stuff. Stop and observe.”

For me, that means noticing how small they are, how their heads barely peep over the edge of the couch. Noticing their messes (even if I hate cleaning up those messes).

This morning I was feeling completely exhausted, grumpy and unmotivated. I reached for my camera (something I usually only do when I’m feeling energized, joyful and creative). I liked what I saw. It didn’t turn my mood around much. I didn’t suddenly gush with happiness or feel like I was savoring every moment. But it did change my perspective a little. Instead of seeing unfolded laundry and dirty rugs, I saw them.

I filed away a few memories for when I’m older, when the nostalgia eats away at my stomach and I want to grab my younger self by the shoulders and shake her with a desperate plea to remember it all.

Maybe she did.

  • Jes
    Posted at 02:37h, 17 February Reply

    I love this. Though I was recently very entertained by an article about “loving every moment” (can’t remember where it was…) I do sometimes get this panicky feeling that they are slipping away. Then I remind myself they are 2 and 4. I don’t want more kiddos, I just want more of them :)Their conversations, looks of wonder, their voices.

    In Vegas I thought I had wiped all photos/videos off my phone and Chris and I went into a jittery mess. $50 later we had it all backed up. I mourned for those lost videos where I just film them playing, listening their thoughts, the way they interact.

    Good pictures, good memories 🙂

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