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11 Jun just peachy

We created a summer to-do list, and at the top was picking peaches. Peaches ripen early here, so a few weeks ago we met up with friends at a local farm and the kids gathered a boxful of sweet, juicy bliss.

They picked 11 pounds, to be exact.

…which seemed like a lot, until we got the peaches home and I started browsing recipes. And then B ate 4 peaches in one sitting and asked for more.

Suddenly it became clear we had too few peaches. I had to settle on three recipes: peach jam, peach pie and peach sangria.

I’m especially excited about the homemade jam, which my friend Sarah inspired me to try. I’d never canned before, but it was fairly easy, once I read up on the hot water processing method. (Note: I used my largest stockpot and pasta rack instead of a canning pot.)  I ended up with a small-ish batch (6 jars), but am hopeful it will last us until fall….if B doesn’t get her hands on the stash.

What are your favorite summer traditions?

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