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15 Sep last week

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I started the week in Winthrop, WA and ended back home, longing for fall weather, enjoying the kids’ antics, aching for loved ones in Colorado who are flooded out of their homes, and just marveling at the extremes of climate and landscape in this big, odd, eerily beautiful world.
This week, I also published an essay that was extremely difficult to write, but something I hope will encourage and support those who have a disabled sibling. I don’t write much here about my past or my family of origin, but it is a continuous thread in my life, and it affects how I choose to parent today.
I believe joy and pain are two sides of the same coin. You can’t feel one and ignore the other. You can’t sweep the past under the rug and expect it never to affect you or your relationships. I think in order to move on and experience deep joy you have to acknowledge the pain — not dwell on it, but be honest about it, grieve, and move forward. Part of that is giving yourself space and permission to tell your stories and connect with others who have walked similar paths. The deep joy I feel today is linked with some deep pain. More and more, I’m feeling led to share pieces of my story to encourage others who might feel alone. If you feel led to read, the essay is here.

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