29 Aug Lost

Internet, meet Bronwynn’s star.

Star, meet the Internet.

This star is part of what I like to call “B’s 10 Essentials.” That is, it’s one of the many beloved possessions that B takes to bed every night and feels like she can’t exist without. This list is revised every few weeks. Bunny, blanket and a sippy of water are always tops, then there’s usually some dolls, a toy yellow Volkswagen Beetle, a favorite book, and other random trinkets, and of course, the star.

The star is actually a barrette, but the hair clip backing broke a while ago, and so B started carrying the star around and sleeping with it. At bedtime, she insists that Kris and I rub her back and sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and she holds up her star as if it really is a diamond in the sky. Then, she tucks the star under her pillow and asks me to kiss her eyelids and she goes to sleep.

ADORABLE, right? We thought so too. But oh, what naive parents we were! Because, what happens when your toddler wakes up for a sip of water at 2AM and does a quick inventory of all her essentials, and the star is missing? (the star is so small, it’s ALWAYS missing).

All hell breaks loose.

I’ve become quite skilled at finding it under her mattress, behind her headboard, hidden in the depths of her toy box, in the refrigerator, in Miles’ mouth… I’ve found that damn star in the dark, half-awake, at 2AM more times than I can count. (Anything to stop the wailing and get more sleep.) Sometimes she cries that her star is missing, when in fact she’s actually holding it in her hand.

I know what you’re thinking. Why do you let her bring so many toys to bed every night?! Therein lies your problem!  And I’d have to agree with you, except we have tried limiting her to just her bunny and blanket each night, and guess what happens?? She climbs out of bed and gathers ALL of her toys into one huge pile to sleep with.

Think I’m exaggerating? Look at what we discovered one morning in Colorado. I don’t even know how she slept there that night….

Bottom line: Toddlers have no filters. They can’t edit themselves. So, the fact we convinced her to sleep with only 10 items is really an improvement. We’re working on getting that number down to 5.

Now excuse me, I have a star to locate….

  • KatieGirlBlue
    Posted at 18:59h, 31 August Reply

    I love the star.

    As I child (until an age so advanced I’m unwilling to share it here), I slept with purple turtle and yellow blankie. Years later, I find myself nestled among one husband, two dogs, and five pillows. I guess what I’m saying is that old habits die hard, but really, what’s it matter as long as one has sweet dreams?

  • Diedre
    Posted at 20:08h, 01 September Reply

    i love B!

    we too have our nightly checklist…which ahs to be gone over again in the wee hours way to often.

    you know those clips that hold binky’s on to clothes…i wonder if you could fasten one on to Star? Star might be too slippery though and miss his middle of the night wanderings.

  • EAI
    Posted at 21:13h, 08 September Reply

    My 18 mos old hasn’t grabbed on to the lovely stage yet, but I have a suggestion. You could sew a pocket on a few pillow cases and the star goes into the pocket each night rather than loose under the pillow. Hope that helps!

    Just found your site from Oh Dee Doh. Lovely room transformation!

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