love letters

13 Feb love letters

What kid doesn’t love sending and receiving mail?

I found these cute little mailboxes in the dollar bin at Target (with all the Valentine’s Day goodies). B asked me to attach it to her door like a real mailbox.

The tin boxes are very lightweight. I envisioned attaching them with a metal L-bracket, but realized the kids might rip them off the wall, leaving a huge hole in the drywall. Then I noticed both ends detach, so I nailed one side to the wall. (You could also use wall anchors and screws.) This way, if the kids pull too hard, the box will simply detach from the end piece (I hope).

But for now they seem really sturdy and ready for special deliveries!
I wonder if the Tooth Fairy might also enjoy using this mailbox…B is eager to lose her first tooth.
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