Meet the Thompsons

12 Jan Meet the Thompsons

Readers, meet my good pals, Chris and Amy (“Weather”) Thompson. I’ve known them about 8 years and we’ve managed to keep in touch fairly well despite a few moves (theirs and ours). They’re the kind of sincere, laid-back, authentic, generous, adventurous, creative, fun friends that everyone should know. I had the honor of walking one of their beloved Jack Russell terriers down the aisle at their outdoor, mountain-backdropped Montana wedding. Just cool people.

When I posted last year about our move and the loneliness I was feeling in this new town, Weather sprung into action. A childhood friend of hers lives in our city, and so Weather grabbed our moving announcement and typed in both addresses on Google Maps to see if we lived anywhere close to one another. The result? Our new house is 0.2 mile away from her childhood friend. Just 6 houses away!

Weather immediately put her friend and I in touch. And now, that good friend of hers is a good friend of mine. Weather’s thoughtfulness and caring at that moment was a beacon in a storm for me. Anyone who’s ever picked up their young family and moved where you don’t know a soul….you get what a gift that was! She connected me with an easy friendship and that friendship gave me hope for more easy friendships to come.

So, I guess now I’m hoping this blog can be a beacon for the Thompsons. Chris and Weather are on a journey toward adopting a baby. I’ve never been down that path, but I can imagine how exciting and painful and hopeful and agonizing and joyful and exhausting it must be. Especially the waiting and not knowing where your baby is. Who that child is. When he/she will arrive. 

I DO know that they will be endlessly loving, nurturing, safe, skillful, fun, gracious and fully capable parents.

They’re working through an agency on finding an open adoption. They’ve passed all their home studies and jumped through various hoops and now just need to be connected with a birth mother.

This is where we can help. If you know any potential birth mothers, please pass along the links to the Thompson’s adoption websites. It’s about helping the Thompsons find their child….but there’s another side to this too. We once knew a birth mother who struggled to find the right parents to adopt her child. She considered dozens of couples and didn’t feel like any fit what she imagined for her baby. It came down to the wire for her, and I know she would have appreciated additional networking and adoptive parents to consider.

Even if you don’t know of anyone, I’m sure the Thompsons would appreciate any prayers and warm wishes for their journey to parenthood.
Spread the word however you can. Thanks!

Here’s the info: and

their toll free # is: 1-888-859-4612
email is: chrisandamythompson [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Rachel Walker
    Posted at 16:53h, 12 January Reply

    Good luck! How cool to reach out with your blog for them.

  • Weather
    Posted at 01:10h, 13 January Reply

    Gina, we are so grateful for your love and support Thanks so much!

  • Sarah Buttenwieser
    Posted at 04:02h, 14 January Reply

    we have a nearly three year-old by open adoption. happy to be in touch with your friends.

    we have a great social worker. she might be a help?

  • Gina
    Posted at 04:40h, 14 January Reply


    I actually thought of you as I was writing this post. I think Chris and Weather would love to hear from you…or at least read some of your blog posts on the subject. You write about adoption so honestly and beautifully.


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